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Simone Britten is cursed.

Or at least, that’s what it feels like. Because she’s spent the better part of her life waiting for her best friend to realize she’s in love with him. Just when she’s worked up the courage to tell him how she feels, he returns from abroad with a hot Italian fiancé in tow.

Now, after spending half her life waiting for the wrong man, she decides it’s time for a fresh start—at forty.

And nothing says ‘fresh start’ like a change of scenery.

But who knew that a simple day trip to Berryhill, Maine, would lead Simone directly into the magical world she’s always been destined for?

Surrounded by two astonishingly hot immortals, a crazy plant lady and a gnomish bookseller, Simone finds herself at the center of supernatural mystery only she can solve. But as fun as it is being in the middle of a hot man-sandwich, Simone doesn’t know who she can really trust.

Because in a world built on secrets and illusions—the true bad guys are hard to find.

Books by Rosalie

Enchanted at Forty

Mischief in Mystic Falls

Formerly: Magical Midlife Mysteries

Hexing in The Highlands

* Please Note - the Enchanted at Forty Spinoff Series (Enchanted at Forty-The Next Chapter, and the Charmed in Carmel Series, are both on hold as they go through improvements*  I will notify readers when they have returned to ebook.

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What do Reader's Say?


Forty times as fabulous

What a ride from New York City to the east coast near Salem you're in for quite the ride. When Sarah runs into Glinda, the owner of a small newspaper its her opportunity to stop writing obits and become who she was born to be, a journalist and a witch. Enjoy the journey to Mystic Falls. I did.


Forty times as fabulous

Interesting characters & a nice way to spend an afternoon and/or evening (or two). I look forward to the sequel.


Curvy and cursed

The story is great and a nice change of pace, really looking forward to what happens next. That cliffhanger!! So good though and would recommend!


Curvy and cursed

I has no idea where the story as headed and loved it. I was hooked from chapter one. This book was a bit different from a typical mystery in this genre with the story unfolding as the mystery of Simone life as the plot. I loved it!


bookish and bewitched

Really good read. Can't seem to put my phone down for long without picking it up again to read some more


bookish and bewitched

Can this plot get untwisted? Good question. Simone follows her heart and takes some bad advice. Why would Simone trust a vampiric demon to be honest? Another good question.
Fascinating story of how wishes and reality are two different things.

About the author

Rosalie Hunter writes Cozy Paranormal Mysteries and Paranormal Women’s Fiction featuring sassy, imperfect heroines who are wicked smart. Named after her incredible grandmother, Rose (who lived to be 94!) Rosalie knows the importance of living every day of her 43+ years to the fullest. She believes that age doesn’t define you, and that there is no expiration date when it comes to finding love and fulfilling your dreams.

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